It’s gunna be a scorcher this weekend, so you might as well crank the A/C, invite some friends over for some cold drinks, and make a playlist of all the new music that dropped this week.

Our favorites, again, below. Let us know which you’re feeling, what music you think we should be listening to, and tweet to us with a #NewMusicFriday tweet!


FOR THOSE WHO: are the real life heroes in the world, who are more than excited for this resurgence of bloghaus, and who have never, ever, for one minute, given up on the pure mastery that is MSTRKRFT.

HONNEWarm On A Cold Night

FOR THOSE WHO: are about to volunteer their apartment as the designated chill-out space after a night out in the city and need an album to wind everyone down.

DreezyWe Gon Ride

FOR THOSE WHO: need a new badass lady in the hip-hop game who not only sings like an angel, but also hits rhymes like a champ, to be on your team.

Jagwar Ma – “O B 1”

FOR THOSE WHO: are feeling a little mischievous, and need a new track to slow motion put your shades on after you dump your boyfriend or girlfriend’s ass after you realize you have had ENOUGH.

Kehlani – “Distraction”

FOR THOSE WHO: need a little kick in their sexy pants, and a new jam to bat those bedroom eyes to.
Zhu – “Palm of My Hand”

FOR THOSE WHO: want that smooth, retro, progressive piano house in their dance tracks.
Goldroom – “Silhouette”

FOR THOSE WHO: need a sonic escape to a beautiful yacht in the seas of California, with a warm breeze gently blowing your hair as you dance.