It’s finally summer! And what does that mean? Rooftops, summer Friday’s, weekend day drinking, long trips on the F train down to the beach, and, new, sonically sun-filled playlists for your subway listening pleasure.

Speaking of new music and playlists, the staff over here at Jukely have compiled a list of up and coming artists we think are worthy of your time, your ears, and your energy. What’s a better way to jump into the summer than finding some new tunes and creating some fun playlists for summer explorations through the city?

You can thank us later.

Sofi Tukker is a New York based bossa nova meets sensual electronic duo who met at university. A rare, refreshing sound in music that is perfect for the summer. Catch them on tour this summer with M83!

Transviolet is the ultimate indie pop and rock band. If you didn’t get to catch them at Governor’s Ball, catch them here. Transviolet promoted their single “Girls Your Age” last year by anonymously mailing out cassette tapes that read “just press play”.

Moow When you picture yourself laying on the beach in the summer, some type of absurdly sweet pink cocktail in hand, what music do you imagine is playing? Well, whatever you chose is wrong. Your sun-filled escape from reality will be fueled from now on by Moow, an enigmatic French producer whose downtempo, calming productions will have you swooning from the first track.

Whilk & Misky – Speaking of good summer time music, there’s nothin’ like upbeat Spanish guitars layered in danceable production under emotive, strong vocals. Come, take a sonic trip to some Spanish beaches with us. Hey, who doesn’t like soft sounds of waves crashing in their music?

Yoni & Geti is the new project of WHY?’s Yoni Wolf and rapper Serengeti. Fusing the bizarre, diary-like lyricism by Yoni, the quick, soulful vocals of Serengeti and lo-fi beat work with elements of instrumentation, these guys are NOT to be overlooked. 

ANOHNI A downtempo, electro meets haunted folk artist for the ages. An enigmatic character who has absolutely stolen the emotional hearts and souls of anyone who listens. For fans of James Blake, Woodkid, and Radical Face. 

The Geek x Vrv are a French duo who fuse jazz, hip-hop, electro, & soul. They currently release on Gramatik’s label, Lowtemp, and Griz’s label, All Good Records.

The Revivalists are a seven-piece rock n’roll soul collective from New Orleans. Their music fuses a strong blend of magnetic vocals and brilliant ranges of instrumentals which make for absolutely dynamic sets.

Jarreau Vandal is another producer and DJ for the books! This groovy as all hell, disco-inferno driven Soulection member is a prime candidate for DJ of the summer. This is for the ones who want to get down on the highest of rooftops, sippin’ on a cold beer, dancing in the sunshine.

Ekali is a Vancouver-based bass heavy trap star is creeping his way into the ears and hearts of us here in the Jukely office. A sensual undertone like that of contemporary Troy Boi, this strong fusion of sensuality and illicit electronic depth is perfect for nights out dancing with friends.

RY X is an Australian bred, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, and melodic house and downtempo electronic producer and DJ. He is signed to the Stockholm-based label Dumont Dumont. He’s definitely on the path to blowup, so here is your chance to get familiar now.