Toronto’s first virtual reality lounge, House of VR, is coming soon, but does that mean anything for the music scene in the city? The surprising answer is, yes. House of VR

Not only can virtual reality bring us into other environments, and let us play games on distant alien planets, but now it’s moving into the music world. The first step being games like Rock Band VR where you’re not only playing the instruments, but you’re on the stage rocking out to a crowd of excited (or not excited, if you’re not doing well) fans.

Next, we’ve got music videos across multiple genres that allow you to sit square in the middle of the video and see content that many fans don’t get to see in their one-D video environment.

Finally, and this is where it gets really interesting: live concerts. We’ve already got quiet clubbing where you put on headphones at the club and rock out, but what if you could “be at a live concert” in Madrid while comfortably rocking out in Toronto, virtually?

It’s newer technology, so right now there are a lot of questions, but it’s definitely interesting to think where live music could go. Then again, would you consider a live VR broadcast of a concert a “live concert”?

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