Austin, get ready to have sober rides at the tips of your fingertips again. We kept you up to date on the ever-changing legislation revolving around Austin’s ride share issues. First, there were Ubers a-plenty, then no options, then facebook groups, then smaller, independent apps, and now, the big boys are back to play.

To recap: local Austin legislation passed a while back that mandated intensive background checks for ride share companies in the metropolitan area, and because huge companies like Uber and Lyft felt they were unnecessary and redundant, they pulled out of the ride-share climate.

Uber austin
The intersection of 6th Street and Trinity Street close to 2 AM Friday, March 21, 2015. (Stephen Spillman / for the AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

The removal of accessibility to ride-share influenced the amount of drunk drivers, and, as you could infer, how music lovers got to shows.

This past week, Texas state government took back control, and passed state-wide legislation that will allow Uber and Lyft to come back to Austin.

According to USA Today, “The statewide bill removes the fingerprinting requirements, a major sticking point for the companies, allowing the companies to do their own name-based background checks on drivers.”

This law will override all local laws, and if both companies chose to return, potentially help with the safety of nightlife in Austin. To that, we’re pretty excited.

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