Everyone from the Rolling Stones to Bob Dylan have played in Toronto, but if the venues around the area are all closed, how will anyone remember and/or celebrate the music of the city?

In May, the city council passed councillor Joe Cressy’s motion to look into creating a “Spadina Rock Walk,” including original plaques documenting massive music events throughout the city (much like the pictures below in other locations worldwide). A team from the Toronto will look into what venues to post about, what bands to mention, and how to make the walk stand out. With the Silver Dollar, Grossman’s Tavern, the Rivoli, and the Horseshoe already among the honorees mentioned to be locations along the walk.
Will the Toronto rock walk look like this?

The big question is, would this rock walk actually do anything for the music scene?


It’s all about putting more eyes on the situation, getting more people to support not only the music, but the buildings that house that music. If these plaques on Spadina Avenue do that, then yes, it’ll help the music scene.

More importantly, if more people like councillor Cressy stepped in to help, it would go even further. Cressy not only lead this initiative, but he assisted the Silver Dollar in making sure it doesn’t disappear completely, helping the venue in their fight for heritage status. Developers will now be required to ensure its return in some form. And in some form is definitely better than no form…

Will the Toronto rock walk look like this?In the end, councillor Cressy wants to make it easier for music venues to succeed, and as a music lover, so should you!

If you’re looking for other ways to help the scene, check out our previous pieces on the topic.

First reported on Now Toronto.

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