Wait, if I write “Illuminati” are they instantly summoned? Is it already too late, just typing that right now? Well… if it is, let’s just dive in, shall we?

If you’re a music fan, and when I say music, I don’t mean a specific genre, or whatever is popular, or what’s on the radio, I mean music in general, Toronto is one of the lucky cities in the world that can jump on the music Illuminati’s (might as well just run with it at this point) radar.

One of our favorites, Sean McVerry, doing a set for Sofar Sounds.
One of our favorites, Sean McVerry, doing a set for Sofar Sounds.

Sofar Sounds is what it’s called and it’s doing secret gigs in cities around the world that you’re able to get on the list for if you know the secret password (and by secret password, I mean website). Honestly, if you live in a metropolitan on planet Earth, you can probably find them somewhere around you. They’re currently in 370 cities and growing.

The group started in London as a hobby in 2009, but they don’t have a specific home base, and it’s always expanding. To sign up to see if you can make your way to one of their events, just add your email address to their list (on the secret password/website above) and wait. If you’re invited, they’ll give you all the info on the secret location and if needed, any other instructions on how to get in the door.

You may ask what the difference is about a Sofar Sounds show compared to a “regular” show. First off, it’s invite-only. You can’t just buy tickets for these shows. Second, there are usually three acts (not an opener/closer setup). No one gets priority. And finally, during the show, it’s quiet. You’re expected to just enjoy the music and stay off your phone (it sounds more religious than secretive to be honest).

Now the big questions for you. Have you been to one? Have you seen the videos online? What was it like?

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