Toronto Music Advisory Council

With so many venues shutting down for a plethora of reasons, the Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council (TMAC), wants to do something about it. On June 5th, discussions will continue on a new policy that would require land developers to be extremely clear with new tenants about the local surroundings, as well as use materials to assist in dampening noise if say, there’s a venue in the general vicinity.

After 20,000 people rallied to save a venue in Melbourne called the Tote in 2005, the same type of progressive policies have spread throughout the world, including in London, Montreal, and San Francisco.

According to the TMAC’s agenda, the meeting on June 5th will be a presentation to get talks started on the subject, including:

Protection of Live Music Venues

– Spencer Sutherland, Toronto Music Industry Advisory Council’s (TMAC) Business Development working group lead, will update members on progress toward forming a Toronto Music Venue Association in collaboration with Music Canada Live’s Regional Action Network for Toronto.

– A member of Music Canada Live’s Regional Advisory Council will present research being undertaken on Toronto music venues in order to create data to advocate for venue protection measures.

– TMAC Chair and City staff will update members on a notice of motion to City Council intended to protect existing music venues.

While the talks are only getting started, it’s safe to say that there’s an entity who is there in Toronto to help keep the venues and live music throughout the area safe. The more public pressure on the policy, the better, so if it’s something you believe in, make sure that your voice is heard. Contact your local representatives and make sure live music lives on!

What do you think about the policies going into play in Toronto? What more can people do to keep live music safe? Reach out to us on Twitter!

Originally reported on Now Toronto.

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