Capitol Hill Times recently profiled a new organization called Agency whose mission it is to help make Seattle venues and bars a safer place via a no tolerance policy.

Agency Neighborhood Watch fundraising event posterAgency was created by former No Tolerance members who wanted to go in a different direction. While No Tolerance focuses on ending rape culture within the music industry, Agency wants to broaden the scope and focus on other safety-related issues that happen within Seattle’s venues, bars, and music industry.

They had their first fundraising event last month on November 28th. The group raised funds to buy calming baskets for survivors, a ride-share account that bars and venues can use to make sure that people get home safely, test-strips to test drinks for drugs, and overall education and training.

“The big issue was that we didn’t just want to talk about the rape culture, but also about transphobia, racism, and how we as industry people can make sure that our spaces are safe in all of those things,” Sloan Dowdywood from Agency said. “It’s talking about how do you handle somebody who is transphobic as s*** and make sure that people feel safe hanging out there.”

Plans are set for Agency to do similar fundraising/interest events every three or four months. Professionals in the industry will meet, tell stories, and give advice on how they handled situations.

How do I help?

Education is a good start for a society that, unfortunately, needs organizations like this. Teaching everyone from patrons to bar and venue staff on how to handle difficult situations is a great step in ending them. If you’d like ways to help, reach out directly or find them at one of their local events.


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