Looks like 2017 really is off to an incredible start. On January 6th, 2017, the beloved, famous/infamous, prestigious nightclub Fabric London reopened its doors, and tears of joy were shed from all over the globe.

In an excellent testament to the power of social media, after the nightclub announced they were under threat to close, the petition and hashtag #savefabric went viral. Magazines, websites, blogs, musicians, and fans took time to sign the petition and fight for the right… to party. Fabric is an absolute staple in the dance community, and has been for several years. Producers, musicians, and DJs from all over the globe took up the call on Twitter and told heartwarming tales from their favorite times at the club.

Fabric London in action

And it worked. The issue at hand was the city of London revoking their operating license. However, due to the campaign, some time after Fabric closed its doors, a series of secret meetings took place with London’s mayor Sadiq Khan and other City Hall representatives. In a number of emails, the mayor’s office even went as far as to say that closing the famous club down would be equal to “closing the Royal Albert Hall”. They agreed to a reopening, but to have a “hand in glove” relationship with the boroughs.

With the club’s reopening came a series of beautiful photography inspired artwork from Fabric’s in-house art director Roberto Rosolin. Their new campaign art is titled “Reconnection”. The series of artwork is inspired by London’s melodic connection with the club itself.

You can view the new images being used for the reopening on It’s Nice That‘s site, as well as a sneak peak of some of the future lineups.

Things are looking up for 2017, people. If we as a music community can come together to save a safe space for concert goers everywhere, we can accomplish anything. And if nothing else, #wesavedfabric.

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