It seems that in recent months, music venues have come under greater pressure from local governments and communities, dealing with increased scrutiny and regulatory issues that threaten their very existence.

While some municipalities have put in effort to try and assist music venues in the public sphere, in London, the industry association, Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has struck a partnership with a couple of private organizations, insurance specialists NDML and legal protection specialists Rradar, to provide cover for venues facing legal and regulatory issues with the city.

Members of the NTIA will now receive up to £500,000 in assistance to deal with regulatory and tax issues that arise from the city and the local councils.

NTIA’s Alan Miller said in a statment, “This is a game-changer for everyone in our industry. We will continue to champion collaboration and partnership with all stakeholders. But make no mistake, we are serious about fair treatment for our enormously loved clubs, bars, festivals, restaurants and all licensed activities.”

The idea stemmed from the successful legal challenges and negotiations that allowed Fabric London to reopen back in January. One of the key players in this new effort is Philip Kolvin, who represented the club during those efforts.

#savefabric Fabric London

Music venues are important fixtures in the cultural identity of London. While likely very few people are actively interested in shutting them down, there are many competing interests to balance, including financing, community interest, and safety concerns. Unfortunately recent tides have led to those interests putting so much pressure on venues that they often choose to close. Hopefully now this will put venues back on equal footing as well as give them an advocate for their interests.

Find out more about the NTIA and how you can help at their official website.

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