Austin noise complaints

Nobody should be surprised that when you move to Austin, aka the “Live Music Capital of the World,” live music would be a big part of the city.

Live music is pretty noisy.

Nevertheless, some residents are unhappy about the state of affairs (and to be fair, Austin has apparently gotten noisier in the past few years), so the city is trying to help out.

The City of Austin Music and Entertainment Division within the Economic Development Department is revamping the music permit requirements for downtown and other active nightlife areas to include more requirements as a way to study and manage the sound impact of their businesses.

The new regulations will only apply to new businesses, not existing business who have already obtained their permit. However, it also goes both ways, in that it requires hotels and residential developments to also help insulate their residents from the noise and acknowledge that it exists (so they can complain and sue venues later on).

The proposed rules will also streamline the process of obtaining music permits.

The new proposed rules will be considered before the Austin City Council on June 15th. If they’re adopted, hopefully everybody can live together in the city more harmoniously, fun people and their cranky neighbors alike.

Accurate representation of neighbors agreeing after mitigating Austin noise complaints:

Accurate representation of neighbors agreeing after mitigating Austin noise complaints

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