If you’re from a city that experiences seasons, you’re probably familiar with the bitter cold that hurts to walk in. You might be experiencing it today.

Sound Huggle
Sound Huggle

One of the most vulnerable parts of your body are your ears. Which you should totally be covering up if you don’t already. And there’s another reason why music lovers should as well.

Portland native Jason Yeh has raised $12,000 on Indiegogo to create what he claims are the “world’s coziest hi-fi headphones.” The product, called Sound Huggle, are headphones that double as earmuffs, which is territory that’s been tread before certainly. But Yeh is taking the concept and trying to build a more comprehensive product. They’re wireless, which is apparently where consumer headphones are headed, like it or not. They bring a high quality sound. They’re stylish, coming in three different colors. And most importantly, they use a micro-thermal fabric that’s perfect for keeping your ears nice and warm and comfortable.

Again, we’re not going to pretend this isn’t something that hasn’t been thought of before, but these do seem like they’re finally getting the product right. I’d wear these without any music just to keep my ears warm. And they might even be worth wearing in the summer, even with the ear sweat. I mean, Billie Lourd pulled them off.

Billie Lourd earmuffs

Anyways, the Sound Huggle are available for preorder on Indiegogo right now. It might be after Christmas, but anybody could use a cold weather accessory right around now.

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