In the never ending battle of streaming services attempting to one up one another, Pandora has released yet another feature to try to top the competition.

Pandora’s newest feature, Pandora Stories, is the newest marketing tool for artists to expand their audience on the platform. Pandora Stories will be a combination of music playlists and voice tracks. The hope is that voice tracks will allow artists to go into depth about their inspiration behind a song, or its meaning, as a way to connect with listeners over the content.

Pandora Stories aren’t just for musicians, but for podcasters and content creators as well. “The company believes Pandora Stories may appeal to others who want to create music-driven stories, like actors, filmmakers, athletes, celebs, authors, podcasters and thought leaders.”

The addition of stories goes hand in hand with Pandora’s free artist marketing platform, which is a free self serving tool aimed to help artists promote their body of work.

The feature will be available within the app, side by side with the curated playlists Pandora already offers access to. Paying users will be able to see the stories right away, but free users will have to undergo a quick ad.

The feature is aimed to one up Spotify’s “Genius lyrics” feature which can passively explain the meaning behind a specific lyric. Pandora Stories is aimed at integrating podcast style learning with your favorite tunes.