nightlife capital New York times square

Forget the “concrete jungle,” New York is set to claim a new title this year: the Nightlife Capital of America.

Time Out conducted their city life index for 2018, and it’s no surprise that New York City seems to be sweeping the number one spot for pretty much everything nightlife (except for pizza – you win this time, Chicago).

So, what gives? Why is New York City the nightlife capital of America?

In addition to there being openings and concerts almost every night, there’s one thing that is a crucial element in the nightlife industry: bars and alcohol.

First and foremost, 78% of New Yorkers agree that New York has a great nightlife scene, meaning it’s the highest on the list for local satisfaction. More specifically, almost 75% of the metropolitan population feels that way about New York’s bars in particular. That’s a really good start.

It should be no surprise to learn that New York has some of the heaviest alcohol consumption of any city. A self-reported 91% of the NYC population consumes alcohol. Six out of ten New Yorkers reported being in a bar within the last week (hello, city that never sleeps and maybe city of perpetual hangovers).

Further, 78% of the population had “recently partied hard within the last week” which meant “barhopped during a weeknight, took drugs, stayed up until sunrise, or had a hangover.” That probably means the brunch industry is booming as well. nothing can cure a hangover better than a BEC bagel (that’s bacon, egg, and cheese for non-locals). New York City, baby, it’s what dreams are made of!

What do you think? Does all this add up to the title of America’s Nightlife Capital? If New York’s the capital, who should be the mayor? Let us know on Twitter.