June 23rd is a little over a month away and if you live in or around Toronto, you should be extremely excited. There’s a venue that’s been around since 1918 that’s housed some of the biggest musicians to ever grace the stage, but no one’s seen the building in solid use for shows since its closing in the late ’90s.

And honestly, everyone who’s anyone has played at this beast of a space. We’re talking everyone from Led Zeppelin to Green Day, Bob Dylan to Tool, Alice in Chains to Iggy Pop, Chuck Berry to Frank Sinatra. You get the idea!

Led Zeppelin at The Rock Pile – 1969 (NASH THE SLASH PHOTO).

Since it was opened by the Masons back in 1918, the space has been known by three main titles, The Masonic Temple, The Rock Pile, and The Concert Hall. Throughout the ’30s, it existed as a ballroom. In 1968, Blood, Sweat & Tears kicked off years of killer music at the venue. The last of the big bands coming through was Cibo Matto (during the time that Sean Lennon was in the band) in June of 1998.

This summer for the Toronto Jazz Festival, it’s being reintroduced with the same name as it was last known, The Concert Hall. And according to the news release, when the Jazz Festival is over on July 2nd, the venue will move forward as a permanent place for people to see live music.

Were you lucky enough to see the space in its earlier premonitions? Excited about where it will go next?

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*originally reported on The Star