Shura – forevher 🐳

“It’s an album to soundtrack your nightlife, from the bars and clubs to gazing across the room at the man or woman you secretly love. The record ebbs and flows in tempo, from the seductively pulsing ‘side effects’ to the experience’s more contemplative midsection – with songs like ‘tommy’ and ‘flyin’ adding a dose of introspection. Everything here feels unweighted, buoyant…part of a rhythmic give and take… that’s forevher, an album all about the lust, love, and effortless flow.” – Sputnik Music

Oso Oso – Basking in the Glow 🐢

“…Basking in the Glow is an album for fans of the courteous yet invigorating style of emo that Death Cab for Cutie and Jimmy Eat World made popular. Oso Oso’s latest is a brisk invitation to savour the small stuff, to embrace insecurities, and to hang on to those head-rushing moments.” – Exclaim

Ross From Friends – Epiphany EP 🦕

“While Ross from Friends’ – AKA Felix Clary Weatherall’s – debut album “Family Portrait” was dedicated in part to his parents, the new 12” “Epiphany” is an homage to (and named after) Clary Weatherall’s sister: “One of the most important role models I have”. The three tracks are sleeker and tougher than his acclaimed debut album but his signature warmth and personality is ever-present.” – Boomkat

Friendly Fires – Inflorescent 🐿

“Inflorescent wears its heart on its sleeve in the hopes listeners find it as therapeutic as the band does. In a way, it adds to the album’s charm. Coolness isn’t in endless supply for most people, and embracing uncool qualities may just be the way to invert their appeal. “Maybe I’m dramatic, but dramatic’s what I’m like”: honesty is always the best policy.” – Pop Matters

Jadu Heart – Melt Away 🦓

“Equal parts storytellers and musicians, Headford and Jeffery lead listeners on a journey through the eyes of their rather dark alter egos, Dina and Faro. Throughout the 14 tracks on Melt Away, the semi-fictional pair navigates a variety of very real emotions—alienation, infatuation and frustration to name a few. Headford” – Hypebeast

Maria Usbeck – Envejeciendo 🦇

“Envejeciendo (Spanish for “aging”) is a concept album exploring the universal obsession with youth and our preoccupation with growing older. Told with humor and tenderness, the album is an eccentric collection of dreamlike pop songs, sung in a mix of English and Spanish.” – Broadway World