Nils Frahm – All Encores

“Comprised of tracks from all three EPs of the Encores series, it showcases Frahm’s individual and evolving musical styles across each one: piano-led meanderings, ambient soundscapes and more expansive, percussive works.” – London in Stereo

Jacques Green – Dawn Chorus

“As immaculately crafted as anything else in Greene’s catalog, Dawn Chorus is a bleary but vivid journal of the thoughts clouding one’s head as morning finally breaks after an earthshaking night out.” – All Music

No Vacation – Phasing EP

“Their new EP, Phasing, retains that same sweet, sun-drenched malaise of past No Vacation releases, but everything has now been tightened up a notch. The band says it’s a result of being more collaborative and understanding that each member has something unique to contribute. ” – i-D

Kraak & Smaak – Pleasure Centre

“Since debuting in the early 2000s, Dutch trio Kraak & Smaak have established themselves as one of Europe’s premier purveyors of eclectic, funk-fuelled dancefloor positivity. It’s little surprise then to find that their new album “Pleasure Centre” – their sixth studio set in total – is another joyous romp.” – Juno Records

Vagabon – Vagabon

“The 24 year old wrote, arranged and produced this album all by herself. The work of an immensely talented melodic mastermind, Laetitia Tamko’s second album touches on the magical.” – Clash Music

Tourist – Wild

“Tourist on his upcoming album Wild: “With this new album Wild I wanted to fully embrace my instinctual tendencies as a musician. I’ve tried to set aside my self doubts and share as much music as possible this year, there have been moments when I’ve been far more secretive of my output but it’s been incredibly liberating to keep my fans in the loop in a way that I’ve never done previously.” – We Own The Nite NYC