Juana Molina — Forfun EP

“With Forfun, Molina breaks from her usual style of folk-laced pop in favor of a more punk sensibility. ” – Pitchfork

Xavier Omär & Sango – Moments Spent Loving You

“Similar to their 2016 effort, Moments Spent Loving You focuses on the highs and lows of intimate relationships. Sonically, however, there’s a wider array of influences evident throughout the project. Omär and Sango’s musical chemistry is as strong and stable as ever, balancing the load to create an equal and fruitful artist-producer relationship.” – Hypebeast

Cigarettes After Sex – Cry

“Cry will make you cry, because Gonzalez knows what he’s doing. It’s cathartic, stunning, it’ll awaken your senses and it’s not to be missed.” – Exclaim!

Mikal Cronin – Seeker

“Fans of Cronin’s early, less complicated work might long for a return to those days, but those days are long gone. For anyone who thought MCIII was heading in a direction that sounded promising, Seeker arrives at the destination in a tumbling, exciting cloud of dust, sound and craft.” – All Music

The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die – Assorted Works

“Assorted Works is an excellent representation of the band’s sound, but more than anything, it draws direct lines of progress from the band’s early, youthful fury to the more reserved but equally powerful work that followed.” – All Music

Amon Tobin – Long Stories

“If the beginnings of life on Earth had musical accompaniment, this would be it.” – Exclaim!