Hermitude – Pollyanarchy

“To say a piece of work “meets expectations” is so often to damn with faint praise, as if there has been a failure of ambition, a resting on laurels. Pollyanarchy delivers on precisely what we expect from Hermitude and is all the more noteworthy – and dramatic – for it.” – The Music

Trentemøller – Obverse

“Embodying a shoegaze, dream pop, synth-based soundscape enriched by German Kosmische/Motorik experimentalist spirit, Obverse is in a genre all its own. Trentemøller continues to mine familiar themes of light and dark, turbulence and serenity, piercing chill and comforting warmth, inspired by the antipodal elements of the Nordic environment he calls home.” – Northern Transmissions

Moon Duo – Stars Are The Light

“Moon Duo might still be aiming for the cosmos with their music, but Stars Are The Light is all the more evocative for how it seems to reflect nature down here. Gone are the grinding, foreboding highway songs. Stars Are The Light sounds like Earth, like rivers and deserts and tropics. But the mysticism that Moon Duo bring to it makes everything feel foreign and wondrous again — not just their sound, but the images that might cross your mind during these songs.” – Stereo Gum

AC Slater – HI8

“ The project features the previously released single ‘Final Fantasy’ but as a club mix alongside a bag of incredible collaborative additions, including Dread MC, Jay Robinson, Chris Lorenzo, Murkage Dave, Taiki Nulight and more. With twelve tracks of the highest quality, AC has really set the bar super high, with particular highlights including the high energy collaboration with Jack Beats, Sinden and Flowdan entitled ‘Boss Like That’, along with the tasty house tones of ‘Feeling Awake’.” – Juno Download

Telefon Tel Aviv – Dreams Are Not Enough

“ A downbeat and melancholic–perhaps even mournful–return, Dreams Are Not Enough is an album driven by something it cannot name, searching for something it may never find; filled with restless exploration and shadowy excursions seemingly around every corner, an autumnal elegy for what has been lost. Eustis keeps pushing forward, unsure where he may end up; the destination does not matter, the journey is the point. ” – XS Noize

Kidnap – Grow

“The album draws from both classical and electronic music, but finds the sweet spot in between. Kidnap’s unique compositional process is what sets him apart from any other artist. New productions are often written almost entirely as a piano composition before they’re rerecorded with different instrumentation, samplers, synths and vocals. ” – The Backstage Access