Goldroom – Plunge /\ Surface

“The key difference between West of the West and this new collection of songs is that it’s “just much more Josh,” the producer says. “It’s much more me… more raw and much more human. There’s a lot more mistakes in the playing and in the singing. The vocal takes aren’t perfected within an inch of their life. It’s purposefully messy because my life’s been kind of messy.” – Goldroom for Dancing Astronaut

Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Onwards To Zion

“Twenty-three year old Australian artist Tim Bettinson today reveals Onwards To Zion, his incredible sophomore album as Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Bettinson, an essential voice in ambient music, has gained support from the likes of Wonderland, The Line Of Best Fit, Complex and more across album singles Bad Dream, Summer 09 & Fever.” – Skope Mag

Jubilee – Call For Location

“Her sophomore LP “Call for Location” builds on this collection of late-night anthems and drum machine workouts. An homage to the rave hotlines of yesteryear, and also her insane travel schedule, her newest album is the result of three years of touring and producing; one foot in the studio one in the club.” – Boomkat

Sudan Archives – Athena

“In some ways, Athena is a relatively accessible work. With less distortion and more foregrounding, Sudan Archives’ voice comes through clearly, her words no longer shrouded in electric fog. The curious glow to her layered vocals remains, though, setting them comfortably within her signature soundscape, one she defines with her unmistakably intricate violin lines, ones informed by sonics from around the world. ” – Pop Matters

Half Moon Run – A Blemish In The Great Light

“This is a very complex record — deliberate and intensely thought out. But even if something is indelible, it’s not de facto groundbreaking, which is the case here. A Blemish in the Great Light is endlessly listenable. Because it is so complex, so wrought, it loses an overarching feeling to hold it together, something that might help it read as a whole, as opposed to good songs that are very well done. ” – Exclaim!