Andy Shauf – The Neon Skyline

“The Neon Skyline is another pleasant journey lovingly crafted by Shauf. He has once again proven himself to be up there with maple syrup, Ryan Gosling and Schitt’s Creek as one of Canada’s greatest exports.” – Paste Magazine

Okay Kaya – Watch This Liquid Pour Itself

“Both analog and digital; online and deeply internal, Watch This Liquid Pour Itself represents a strong claim as one of the first great records this year.” – Under The Radar

Tora – Can’t Buy the Mood

“Can’t Buy The Mood is in true in name as it is in nature—a reflective collection of moods, memories and feelings captured in 13 unique tracks. Each tune on the album embodies a different mood, yet the track order seamlessly strings the songs together in an expertly curated 40-minute immersion of sound and emotion.” – Grok

Ekali – A World Away

“With each passing track, he makes it clear that he wanted to create an album that exposes the musical layers that exist beneath the surface. As a result, this album is one that will take you on a gorgeous, emotional excursion that you’ll want to come back to again and again. ” – EDM Identity

Caspian – On Circles

“‘On Circles’ may not grab you immediately. In this bewildering daze of multi-platform streaming and instant gratification, it is becoming increasingly difficult for any record to grow with its listeners, before they’re off towards next Friday’s new releases. So take yourself out of the shallow stream for a time and fully immerse yourself in the enticing depth and considerable expanse of this record.” – Echoes and Dust