Allah-Las – LAHS

“There may be moments that give fans expecting another laid-back psych record pause, but on the whole the Allah-Las succeed in refurbing their template and coming up with something that’s both extremely chill and interesting at the same time.” – All Music

Julien Chang – Jules

“Julien Chang will have listeners perplexed at the paucity of his years after hearing his debut full-length, Jules. His song-writing glides effortlessly between retro sweet spots: from the glistening West Coast guitar of Butterflies to Monaco, to the staccato funk of Moving Parts, in which ethereal vocals are poured forth over saccharine synths. ” – Narc Magazine

DJ Seinfeld – Parallax EP

“Swedish artist Armand Jakobsson drops another new DJ Seinfeld EP on 12” vinyl, consisting of four tracks of his trademark emotional workouts, lush cuts of deep house, breaks, acid and general left-of-field trickery. Often pigeonholed into the whole lo-fi house scene, DJ Seinfeld has proved time again that he’s a far more versatile producer with wider appeal” – Norman Records

Jónsi & Alex Somers – Lost & Found

“Lost and Found is a sibling album to Riceboy Sleeps,” Somers said in a statement. “It falls somewhere between what was, what is, and what will be. Tape experiments, modular synth processing, and acoustic soundscapes drift in and out of focus. Sound friends that you may have heard or seen before appear; familiar, but different.” – Pitchfork

Kim Gordon – No Home Record

“No Home Record is a body of work which constantly shifts to unsettle and delight in equal measure. There are strains of her back catalogue to date throughout the record – you’ll spot Sonic Youth style guitars and Free Kitten’s raucousness, but this is very much a Kim Gordon record where she is reaching out beyond her previous work.” – The 405