Algiers – There Is No Year

“Frequently thrilling and never boring, There Is No Year reveals subtleties amidst the powerful energy with each play, and in so doing shines a light on Algiers, a band who stride defiantly forth, urgent counterpoints vital for facing down the injustices of our times.” – Music OMH

Bombay Bicycle Club – Everything Else Has Gone Wrong

“‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’ speaks to those left unsatisfied by the arguable immaturity, vacuous nature and uninspired sounds of some contemporary indie boy bands. The themes presented on this project arise from taking a step back and musing on how one experiences the world, subsequently reassessing your outlook on life and making certain realizations that come with maturity.” – Clash Music

Mura Masa – R.Y.C.

“Without overstating the point, the innovation that’s happening in today’s rock music is not coming from traditional rock bands — it’s coming from innovative artists that are fusing it with other sounds, ranging from Soundcloud rappers to electronic-inspired outfits like Guerilla Toss to post-metal acts like Deafheaven. In that context, it’s perhaps no surprise that fresh rock sounds are coming from a nominee for 2018’s Best Dance Album Grammy.” – Variety

Jauz – Dangerous Waters EP

“No one can quite compare to Jauz when it comes to the biggest artists in the bass music scene. He’s well known for almost single-handedly popularizing the bass house style years ago, and he’s stayed at the top of his game since while exploring both the house and bass sides of his music. This diversity is in full effect on Dangerous Waters, a five-track EP released on Bite This! that features collaborations alongside TYNAN, Jump System, Franky Nuts, and Nonsens.” – EDM Identity

Holy Fuck – Deleter

“Tipping closer to dance-pop than noise-rock, Deleter is one of Holy Fuck’s most finely tuned albums, yet the band sound as spontaneous as ever.” – All Music