music brain surgery

You might know this already, but during brain surgery, it’s not uncommon to keep the patients fully conscious during the procedure. This is so the surgeons can continue to monitor your brain activity and make sure they’re not doing any unnecessary damage.

Which frankly seems like a terrifying experience for the patient.

Back in April, doctors at the University of Miami were performing a craniotomy on a 30-year-old patient and had an unusual request for the patient. They asked him to sing ’80s songs.

From the surgery, courtesy of the University of Miami

With the request, the doctors were able both to monitor his brain activity and keep him feeling okay throughout the process. They were removing a tumor near the man’s language center and keeping him talking the entire time was critical.

Even if his singing wasn’t the best.

According to NBC’s Miami affilate, the man was “not the best singer” and “stumbled through songs from Journey and Phil Collins.” The doctors also gave their best Simon Cowell impressions by “[teasing] him, telling him he would never win a singing competition.”

The man was discharged from the hospital the next day after a successful surgery. Probably thanks to the music.

Although choosing ’80s songs does not help the Miami’s reputation for being stuck there. Maybe next time doctors can request something more contemporary?

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