For the first time in its decorated (if a little debauched) ten year history, the mega-successful megaclub LIV is closing for renovations.

While the Miami mainstay has had no trouble drawing crowds since it first opened in 2007, topping out at $45 million in earnings in 2015 alone, times have changed, technology has advanced, and the masterminds behind LIV want to make sure that their much-earned success is more than a decade’s flash in the pan.

Put simply, there are shinier toys and crazier schemes to bring in, and they will be brought.

In the words of LIV owner David Grutman, “We are in the business of fun, and in order to create that experience, we need to be focused on every detail.”

Those details will include over 400 LED panels and giant LED walls that will display choreographed light shows in time with the music, according to a news release. In addition to new flooring, bars, and decor, LIV also promises to add projection mapping on the stage will allow DJs to incorporate their own custom backdrops. But the craziest new arrival, according to reports, will be a “robotically controlled LED chandelier” that will dance along with the music.

“By updating LIV with the latest technology, we can say with confidence that we are creating the next-level party,” Grutman told the Miami New Times.

Although a summer without LIV feels almost cruel, patrons were treated to a blowout week of events with Slushii, Lil Yachty, and Kaskade leading up to the closing night, hosted by Kevin Hart.

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