From January 4th to the 7th, the largest video game music festival will kick off just south of DC in National Harbor, MD. MAGFest stands for “Music and Gaming Festival” and should be on the list for anyone into gaming, music, or gaming music.

When it was first started back in 2002, it was the Mid-Atlantic Gaming Festival with around 300 people. It has since grown, both in scope and profile, now attracting over 20,000 people this past year. And they’re expecting even more this year. If you’re looking to play games, the event will include over 200 free arcade/pinball machines, video game tournaments, and tabletop games.


If you’re looking for more of a talking point in the fest, they’ll have panel discussions, video game film screenings, live video game inspired improv/theater, and even a class to learn how to be a circus performer.

Finally, if you’re all about the music, these are the kinds of things you have to look forward to:

  • Video game cover bands.
  • Bands inspired by video games.
  • Bands that seem like they came from a video game.
  • Original composers of video game music playing live.
  • Chiptune artists using video game systems as instruments.
  • Visualists making everyone look so good.
  • DJs remixing video game music.
  • Nerdcore hip-hop artists and geek rockers singing about video games and nerd life.

If you’re even a little interested in video games or music, this sounds like a must-go event for the coming year.

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