LVRN (short for “LoveRenaissance”), the independent label and collective behind Raury, DRAM, 6LACK, and more, have partnered with Interscope to get major label backing towards their new goal of advancing Atlanta-based artists and raising Atlanta’s profile as a music hub.

The way this vision is initially being fulfilled by LVRN’s five co-founders, all of whom are between age 25 and 29, is through the new home of LVRN, which will function as a creative hub just north of downtown Atlanta.

lvrn entrance

“What we’re doing isn’t a flash in the pan — it’s about developing artists for the long run,” co-founder Tunde Balogun told Billboard. “That’s Interscope’s goal as well. That’s why this works.”

The cofounders of LVRN are not just interested in raising their own personal profiles and the profile of their brand. They are also deeply committed to their communities and their city.

“We’re all natives of Atlanta and if you look at the charts, about 70 percent of what’s being listened to is either performed, written, produced or has a vibe inspired by Atlanta,” claims Sean Famoso McNichol. “The companies should be here. I shouldn’t have to go to L.A. to get a check.”

lvrn studio

This kind of private investment is exactly what the city needs to really get the music industry going. Although Atlanta has a rich music history, it’s been oft overlooked in favor of New York, Los Angeles, and nearby Nashville. However, LVRN and Interscope are part of a greater investment in building Atlanta’s music infrastructure to make it an attractive destination.

As we’ve detailed before, the Georgia state government is doing their part to try and attract investment. Presumably, Interscope will be benefiting from those favorable tax benefits, as well as supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of LVRN’s founders.

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