London has always been a notoriously expensive city, but one of the silver linings of Brexit has been changing that (slightly). While most of the Brexit-related news recently has been… not positive, the UK’s biggest tenant referencing company, Homelet, reported that London rents fell 1.2% in April. It’s the city’s first annualized monthly rental price drop since 2009 (that’s a fancy way of saying that April 2017 was cheaper than April 2016).

The actual savings amounts to the average London rent going from £1,519 a month to £1,537 a month, which doesn’t seem like much, but marginally it can really help some people out.

Someplace you could be since you're saving so much on London rent

Considering that most of the bad news about the impending Brexit has been very much about corporations leaving and since I’m not a corporation, I’m a person and apparently it got slightly easier to live in London, I’ll count this as a win. (Okay, I’m not that flippant, I know that jobs are at stake and things might not be so good for the music industry, but let me have my blissful, narrow ignorance for a second.)

But considering that the wonderful London music scene is now slightly more accessible, and for people who already live in London, you might have slightly more money in your pocket, this is a nice side effect.

So take that extra money and take the Night Tube to Printworks, Camden Assembly, Fabric, or any one of London’s music venue treasures. Or if you really want to get economical with that money you’re saving, you could check out this great app

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