Inner Power Records

You might never hear about Inner Power Records, but one day you might hear about their alumni.

Founded in September of 2011, Inner Power Records is a student-run music label and after-school program located in North Philadelphia. At the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs, students are introduced to everything from finding talent, to recording it, to performing it for an audience. 

Just imagine if the next global phenomenon or producer came out of an after-school program because their teacher realized what kids in the district were really looking for. So far, no one’s made it big, but they’re definitely on their way. “When you say record label, especially to kids in the inner city, their eyebrows start to rise,” the digital music instructor, Paul Dunnaville, told NBC10. “Music is big in the city, man. It’s a way for kids to escape their reality or put down their reality on record.”

King Kelz – Inner Power Records

Inner Power Records is an opportunity for the students (and community) to be a part of something more than just memorizing facts and regurgitating statistics. The program is teaching students how to not only run a business and market themselves, but create art that they can truly be proud of. While no one can predict where the program will go in the future, if their outer power is anything like their inner power, these students are going places.

Their Facebook page has more information about future events and if you want to get involved with the program directly, give them a call and get an application to see how you can help take the program to the next level.

In the meantime, check out a few of King Kelz, a past student involved at Inner Power Records, tracks here.

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