Tickets to see popular acts at big venues have always gone fast – on and off Jukely. That said, we’ve been working hard to get you into more shows. Today, we’re taking further steps towards realizing that vision.

Extended allows you to view and claim spots to shows within Jukely an additional 3 days in advance. This means you can claim a spot on the guest list for shows happening 5 days into the future. This feature also allows our team to book way more shows, including bigger bands at bigger stages. Jukely Extended means more shows – for everyone.

First Dibs
With the Extended plan, start planning for next weekend, this weekend. View and claim spots to shows up to 5 days in advance.

Affordable Pricing
We want to bring you more shows while keeping Jukely as affordable as possible. The new Extended Pass will start at $35. The Extended Pass with a second additional guest list spot $65.

Annual Subscription Discount
We’ve also introduced an annual plan for subscribing to Jukely all year long. For the price of 10 months, you can get 12 months worth of the service PLUS an extra day to view shows even further in advance. Stay tuned this Saturday at 11am, we’ve got a special surprise for NYC subscribers and annual members see it first.

You can upgrade your plan to see even more shows now via your subscription settings. New to Jukely? Subscribe now!