We’ve been on the beat finding the best of this past week’s new releases, scavenging through Tweets that are more emoji than text and underground mp3 listservs that, not kidding you, some of which are older than a few people who work here at Jukely. So, of course, it’s pure happenstance that they all happen to be on Spotify, too. 😉

Give our top 8 new releases from this week a quick listen, and let us know which ones resonate with you on Twitter or Facebook, or let us know what you think we should add to our playlist.

Shy GirlsSalt

FOR THOSE WHO: are on the prowl for some smooth, sensual jammy jams to belt to your lover (or yourself, nobody is judging), and get in that candlelit silk-sheet mood.

Nicky Jam Fénix

FOR THOSE WHO: just need a bit of that delicious Latin flavor to spice their life up a bit. This album is just about the Sriracha of spices, including features from all the heavy hitters like J. Balvin, Enrique Iglesias, Wisin, and NYC’s own Arcangel.

Alex ClareTail of Lions

FOR THOSE WHO: need an album to get emotional to. If any day is the day to let out a good cry, today is the day mah friends.

AustraFuture Politics

FOR THOSE WHO: speak of the devil, what an appropriate title. This is for those who just want to scream and dance and let out every single built up emotion that’s been buried inside of them. Turn off the lights, turn this on, and let it out.

Joan of ArcHe’s Got the Whole This Land Is Your Land in His Hands

FOR THOSE WHO: like lo-fi, math infused indie rock. Something you can jam to, and something that can make you think, it’s a win-win here.

Joy Again – “Joy Again” EP

FOR THOSE WHO: need an album to lay down, put your hands behind your head, and need to be taken away to sonic realms of imagination.


Spoon – “Hot Thoughts”

FOR THOSE WHO: knew Spoon is never too far away. Hell yeah, Spoon is back.

Sofi Tukker – “JOHNY” (bonus: read our interview of Sofi Tukker)

FOR THOSE WHO: need a serious pick me up before their Friday night out to get ready to. This is one heck of a dip in the pool of sensuality. Go ahead, go be that deviously flirtatious shark you know you have hidden deep inside of you.