Multiflora Music Festival

October kicked off the very first Multiflora Music Festival, a month-long celebration of music at various venues throughout Washington, DC. Jim Thomson is the man behind the festival. He’s extremely active throughout the music community as a musician himself, and also a producer, presenter, and the owner of Electric Cowbell Records.

“Our mission is to present international artists from abroad as well as showcase the diverse multicultural communities in the region,” Thomson said in an interview with DCist.

Jim Thomson, by Darrow Montgomery for DC City Paper
Jim Thomson, by Darrow Montgomery for DC City Paper

Musicians from all over the world will be coming to perform. A successful festival full of artists from as far away as Niger, Syria, and Kosovo, would solidify the need for more of these shows. The old supply and demand comes into play, so get out there and see who else they can get to DC.

We’re already halfway through the month, but there are still plenty of opportunities to go out and take part in the festival. Possibly the best part of anything that’s a full month long.

Many of these shows are also free, or have a $10 or less cover charge, so everyone can join the fun. To keep admissions prices low, they’re using crowdfunding to help cover expenses. So, if you’re interested in supporting the cause, you can donate here, or of course, just hit up one of the shows.

Find out more on the event at their website.

And finally, a fun fact: the founder (Jim Thomson) was one of the founding member of GWAR, the heavy metal band known for their frequently rotating lineup and terrifying costumes and interactions with the crowd. How cool is that?

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