Will bouncer training make nights out in Denver even safer?

On November 13, the Denver City Council voted on a few modifications to the Merchant Guard License. The council unanimously approved an update requiring all private security guards, including bouncers, to take part in 16 hours of training as a condition of employment.

bouncer trainingDenver currently has around 7,000 licensed security guards who would be affected by the actions. The new requirements also now require all license applicants to pass an FBI background check. While some bouncers have a form of in-house training by their employer the update requires them to learn about specifics like the use of force, communication, and interacting with law enforcement while physically detaining or removing patrons.

The original law was first implemented in the ’50s, but it hasn’t seen any significant changes since. Over the next few months an advisory committee will decide specifics to include in the bouncer training.

If all goes as planned, bar and venue patrons shouldn’t notice a big difference. But, the bouncer training will include teachings on de-escalating situations properly, which will hopefully reduce the burden on the Denver Police Department.

What do you think of bouncer training? Were these old laws in need of a refresh?

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