If there is one thing we can count on Atlanta for, aside from its slew of Coke related museums, its delicious peaches, or Childish Gambino, it’s its incredibly lush music scene. No matter what genre you are looking to dive into, Atlanta has an entire scene to go with it. From rap, to punk, to scene, to electronic, there is certainly no shortage of up and coming artistry, culture, or groups.

Cut to the ever-present electronic scene and picture a sound that’s a mix between Ghostland Observatory, M83, and SOHN. Now, meet TOWERS. TOWERS is the new synth-pop alias of Jeremy Christensen. Christensen, who has been in New York for the past ten years, has switched from his regular acoustic sound to an experimental synth and vocal heavy project. After undergoing some heartbreak up north, he has used this electronic project as an emotional outlet.

Christensen, a gay musician, has spoken about his affinity for the band Years & Years, and how their music has inspired him to not shy away from his true self, and that it is rare for him to have a place in the industry specifically because of his sexual orientation. He was quoted in Georgia Voice saying:

“I appreciate that they’ve never shied away from it. … In the past, there were things I was putting on myself, in a way. The notion in the past that you sort of can’t say anything about it if you want to be successful in the music business, we’re starting to see that’s not the case now.”

TOWERS would like to tour with this new project, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for any up and coming shows in 2017!

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