Atlanta Music Project

With so many music and arts programs throughout the country being taken away the Atlanta Music Project (AMP) wants to turn things around for underserved youth. Their only requirement? Students must commit to attending all classes, and they are tough. Up to four days a week and two hours per lesson.

From their official website:

The Atlanta Music Project provides for each of its students: an instrument, classes, world-class Teaching Artists, and numerous performance opportunities.  AMP classes include orchestra, choir, musicianship, ear training, music theory, African drum and dance and group lessons in the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, voice, piano and guitar.

When so many positives come from learning, practicing, and listening to music, the world needs more groups like this to help the youth of today turn into the musicians of tomorrow. Imagine, someone in the program right now might just be one of your favorite musicians in a few years and it all comes back to a group of people who wanted to inspire social change in an after school program.

Atlanta Music Project

And it’s not just creating musicians, but helping these youth build confidence, develop creativity, and spark positive social change in the entire community. With testimonials from the parents of these students that attest to the program changing their kid’s lives, it’s definitely a something to keep an eye out for locally and nationally.

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