what to bring what to wear miami music week

Miami Music Week (March 20-26th) is almost here and we’ve got you covered with our MMW 2017 Guide, full of insider tips, budget hacks, pool parties, happy hours & more! Check out the 80+ MMW shows Jukely members can attend at no extra charge. 

what to bring what to wear miami music weekPacking is the worst part of traveling. If you’re headed down to Miami soon for Miami Music Week, you’re probably in the midst of suitcase hell (or you should be).

So let’s make this super easy for you. Here’s a comprehensive list of everything you need to bring to have a great time.

Sunscreen – Because you always need to bring it, even though you (probably) won’t end up using it.

Aloe vera gel – For when you burn, and your friends need to give you something to make you stop complaining.

Dolphin food – You’re in Miami, you know you’re going to want to ride a dolphin.

Harpoon – To repel the sharks you’ll probably attract instead. Works on gators too.

A guitar – You never know who might be there looking to discover the next great talent.

That old Burger King coupon – I wonder if they have drive-thru at the Burger King headquarters.

A white suit – If Pitbull can pull it off, so can you!

A white bathing suit – Why not? Pool parties, right?

A Spanish phrasebook – Finally find out what “dalé” means.

An English phrasebook – Because it’s still Florida, after all.

The clothes on your back – At minimum you should have this, otherwise you’re never getting on the plane home. We’re not sure about shoes, though. You have to take those off at TSA anyway.

Tribute for the Drowned God – I’m pretty sure he (she?) rules over Miami.

Present for your grandmother – Because you don’t visit enough. Why don’t you stop by while you’re in town. What do you mean you can’t make an hour and a half drive up to Boca Raton?

“I’m in Miami Bitch” T-shirt – Trust me, locals will respect the hell out of anyone wearing this.

Fanny pack – A functional piece for the fashion forward.

The largest map you can find – Bigger is always better.

Some kind of camera – Because if not, did you even go?

Treadmill – And you thought you were ready for beach season. Time to do some last-minute crunches too.

Captain hat – Because if you end up on a boat, you will do boating correctly.

All black everything – In a sea of colorful outfits, nothing will make you stand out from the crowd more.

Bro repellant – If only…