Miami Music Week

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Navigating Miami Music Week can be a lot to handle. With its many shows at countless venues around the area (in the city, on the beach, at the hotels), it can be hard to determine what you should see, where you should go, and when you can make it.

But there’s a method to the madness. It’s the way the whole event is organized, which is how you should be organizing your week as well. That would be the promoters: the behind-the-scenes people who are actually organizing the events that make up Miami Music Week.

If you like a specific event, chances are, you’ll like more of the events from that promoter. They’re the expert curators, of music, of artists, and of experiences. So, here are the promoters who are putting on this year’s Miami Music Week events.


These are the people behind many of Miami’s biggest events throughout the year, including Space and Trade. Which is to say — they know what they’re doing at Miami Music Week.

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Humans Alike

This one’s a local event producer who is certain to draw crowds from the Miami party circuit regulars.

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You’ve definitely heard of this national electronic outfit before, but MMW is particularly special for them ’cause it’s their hometown. They’ve already got a bunch of the top shows happening during the week on their slate.

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If you’re from Toronto, you’re probably already running for these guys’ events. But for those who don’t know, their Miami branch is just as good (which is saying a lot).

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Do Not Sit On The Furniture

The name of this club might be a mouthful, but it’s the all-important mandate that this venue is built on. There’s no sitting because the music will keep you on your feet, and that goes double for Miami Music Week.

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These two behemoths are Miami’s most storied (no pun intended) nightclubs during the rest of the year. So, obviously, they’re huge players during Miami’s biggest music week.

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Electric Pickle

With such a big club scene, it almost seems unfair that Miami also is home to a nationally acclaimed underground venue. But it is, thanks to this unmissable place.

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ORA Nightclub

Despite their location on South Beach’s most sought-after strip for nightclubs, ORA is a relative newcomer, having opened in 2016. And yet, it has already taken its place among the city’s top nightclubs.

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Heldeep Records

Oliver Heldens’ label is bringing quite the lineup to a Miami Music Week showdown against Monstercat.

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This expansive label from Vancouver is internationally renowned. They’ll be the other half of the aforementioned Heldeep vs. Monstercat showdown at Miami Music Week.

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Minimax Events

Experiential parties at its finest, this boutique outfit curates some of the most striking event experiences in Miami. The producers of Secret Garden are sure to create an unforgettable party for Miami Music Week.

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This independent group is a scrappy squad of young promoters who’ve made it in music promoting around the country, including in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more. And their Miami efforts are now in their sixth year, but they’ve stayed true to their tight-knit community that’s sure to show out for them during Miami Music Week.

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Coldharbor Recordings

Trance master Markus Schultz has used this label as a launching pad for careers since 2005. They’ll be doing a label showcase with Black Hole Recordings.

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DJ Mag

When you spend your time living, breathing, and writing about music, you probably know a bit about what you’re talking about. So one would expect that their event lineups will be pretty well curated.

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Lucky you! People follow HYTE around the world for their underground music events. Turns out HYTE Miami takes place right here during Miami Music Week.

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Spinnin’ Records

This record label was already big, repping a lot of well-known artists. But since last Miami Music Week, they were acquired by Warner Music Group. So expect some huge events this year with that kind of juice.

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