Red Bull Chicago

Do you ever really pay attention to the daily sounds you hear when you are just going about your life in Chicago? The sounds of your morning coffee being brewed, the traffic downtown, coins jingling in a paper cup, construction on Western Ave., children skipping rope in Lincoln Park, friends playing volleyball at North Avenue Beach – there are sounds all around us, all the time. Ever hear one of these sounds and think, “That would be really cool in a song”?

Now is your chance to contribute to a track that will be created by a prominent young producer, featuring the sounds of life in Chicago. The project is titled Stems of Chicago because the audio samples will be sent to the producer as stems. The producer can then mix, edit, add to, and distort the stems to make a really cool, one-of-a-kind track.

For any Chicagoan, it’s really easy to get involved with this super unique opportunity. All you have to do is record a short (less than 15 seconds) video of what you see and hear in Chicago. Pay attention to what you hear on your commute to work, at the park on your lunch break, on your evening walk around the block, or anything else throughout the city.

Music is all around us, in unexpected ways. Just because it doesn’t sound like your typical instrument, doesn’t mean it can’t be made into something sonically wonderful in the recording studio. Just make sure there’s no actual music in the background of your recording. If the recording contains infringing material, it can’t be used.

Red Bull

View examples, read all the rules, and submit your sounds to Red Bull here.

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