from Mixmag:

The Lab Los Angeles is Mixmag and Smirnoff Sound Collective’s weekly post-work unwind where we stream only the finest American and international DJs, live and direct from our Downtown LA office. This Thursday, we welcome Blackbird Blackbird and Shawn Wasabi into The Lab LA.

Blackbird Blackbird arrives in The Lab LA by way of Honolulu and San Francisco. Born Mikey Maramag, the producer has already established his “dreamy summer” sound on four full-length outputs and is continuing his unstoppable roll with yet another cinematic album in-the-works. Hear more from Blackbird Blackbird here.

California-born and raised Shawn Wasabi got his start when a childhood friend left his Midi Fighter 3D at his house in 2013. Curiosity led to experimentation, which eventually pushed Shawn Wasabi into Internet-fueled fame thanks to his live mashups ‘Pizza Rolls’, ‘Mac n’ Cheese’, ‘Burnt Rice’ and many more, which have all garnered millions of views on YouTube. He’s since become known as as a master controllerist and was gifted the only Midi Fighter 64, which was created by and given to Shawn by the Midi Fighter inventor, Michael Mitchell.

On opening duties, we’ll be joined by Los Angeles-based duo Cronies. Hear more from them here.

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