The Mas Sol Collective has been bringing different genres of music from all over the world together on the West Coast since 2011. Now, we’re seeing them pop up in Seattle & Portland, so we wanted to hear exactly what was going down. Co-founder of the Mas Sol Collective, Michael Williams, recently answered a few questions for us.

First off, who are you and what do you do with Mas Sol Collective?

I am a co-founder and owner of the Mas Sol Collective. The Mas Sol Collective is about bringing different genres of music together to the city of Seattle with a focus on the underground west coast bass scene.

What’s a day in the life of a promoter look like?

I imagine that it varies from case to case, but for me personally, most of my time is spent writing music and promoting events online. I am an aspiring producer myself and this is the reason why I wanted to create a space for up-and-comers to share their work. Whether it be booking artists, curating events, organizing a social media team, or passing out fliers on the street, it keeps me fairly busy.

How did you get into music promoting?

I graduated from the Evergreen State College, and during my time there, a group of students, including myself, had the idea of throwing a music festival for school credit with an independent contract. I fell in love with the music and before I knew it, we had an annual music festival we organized that we got school credit for.

After 2013 we took a brief hiatus and came Seattle in 2016 with a monthly event to bring west coast to the city, so here we are.

What kind of events are offered with Mas Sol Collective? 

We offer a unique, forward thinking type of sound from artists all over the west coast and beyond. It isn’t your typical EDM. Music that makes you think. As well as offering a safe space for people of all races and genders. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any form of discrimination and harassment.

Mas Sol Collective show poster

What events are you most excited about coming up?

We recently had an event with Dirt Monkey, Suds, Mike.iLL, Phydra (formerly Suzaku), and D6 this October 19th at Monkey Loft in Seattle and it was a great success.

Moving forward we have CHEE and VINJA in Seattle November 11th, and DMVU on November 16th!

What’s the music scene in Seattle/Portland like?

I live in the Seattle area, so I have more of an idea what the city has to offer. For the most part, the older crowds are either house or DnB heads. Then Foundation Nightclubprovides more of a mainstream EDM feel.

We feel that the underground bass scene is lacking and we are working to fill those shoes as much as possible.

Best parts about Mas Sol Collective? 

The people. Every show, we see kind and loving people gather to appreciate the music and art. Everyone is there to truly listen to and appreciate the music and that is inspiring.

Favorite acts who’ve come through Seattle/Portland? 

There are so many so if I had to pick three I would say: Shades, G Jones, and Ivy Lab.

How can people help the Seattle/Portland scene?

Come out and support! Come join in the fun. Support your local artists and share your local events.

What’s the difference between the Seattle/Portland scene?

Hmm. The Portland scene has much more variety to it. A lot of producers down there really come out and support each other. It is very refreshing every time I visit.

What prompted you to hit up the Portland scene?

I was asked to help assist with the bookings and coordination of an event in Portland hosted by my good friends at Phuture Collective.

Anything else you’d like to tell the Jukely family?

Seems like that wraps things up! It has been a pleasure to work with Jukely and we are looking forward to continuing to push music that makes you think.

Thanks so much Michael!

*Featured image courtesy Mas Sol Facebook page and BobbyT Photography.

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