Los Angeles has no shortage of health and wellness with all the outdoor activities, surf, healthy eating (green smoothies are supposedly yummy, but I have yet to try one), and yoga. Does everyone do yoga? Or do they just wear activewear to make it seem like they went to yoga?

Well, for those of you who actually work out (or want to start), there’s something exciting coming to Echo Park — hot yoga with a twist! They bring in live violinists for the classes to keep the class at the perfect level of mentally stimulated but simultaneously relaxed.

From the Los Angeles Times:

“The company (Modo Yoga) is also known for bringing in musicians — such as violinists — to play during the 60 or 90 minute classes. A third Los Angeles location is planned for Venice by the end of the summer.”

Modo Yoga‘s Echo Park location is located at 1755 Glendale Boulevard. And if you’re not in LA, the Toronto-based company also has locations around the world, including New York, Austin, and Miami.

What do you think? Is live music enough to get you to workout on the weekends? Let us know on Twitter!

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