The man who brought the phrase, “Keep Portland Weird” is going to have a phenomenal August…

Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, is designating an official holiday in Terry Currier’s honor. And on July 4th, he made it official, proclaiming that:

“Terry Currier, owner of Portland, Oregon’s long-serving, independent and iconic Music Millennium record store for over thirty years has provided tireless, unrivaled support and assistance to all facets of the renowned and well-established Portland music community, including musicians, venues and events…. Ted Wheeler proclaims August 12th to Terry Currier Day in Portland and encourages all residents to observe this day.”

This is a massive honor, not only for his efforts in music, but for the Portland community as a whole. In the same way that Record Store Day reminds us to hit up our favorite local jaunt, Terry Currier Day will remind us to celebrate all things musical (and hopefully, to hit up our favorite local jaunt too).

For me, celebrating a day like this would include jamming to some of my favorite vinyl, swinging by the record shop, and picking up a few more, then inviting some friends over, and finally, hitting a live show in the evening. I feel like it’ll be a holiday all about bringing the community together with one of those magical things that already does it, music.

Courtesy of Music Millennium's Facebook Page
Courtesy of Music Millennium Facebook Page

For a little background, Music Millennium opened up on March 15th, 1969 in a little 800 square foot space. Within five years, it grew into the space where it lives today. Now almost 50 years old, it’s a staple in the community that is being very publicly celebrated. Terry joined Music Millennium over 30 years ago in 1984, and within 12 years, he owned the store.

If you stop by 3158 E. Burnside (at 32nd), tell Terry that Jukely says, “Hi, and thank you!”

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Originally reported on Oregon Music News.

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