what bag to take to a standing concert

Before we dive into exactly what bag to take to a standing concert, think about how much fun you’re going to have. The first band that goes on, you’ve never seen before, and you absolutely love them. The second is even better. Tthe headliner goes on and they’re better than you’ve ever heard them.

Now, think about the same show, except you’re standing the whole time with a bag hanging over your shoulder.

If you can get away with it, life is so much better without having a bulky bag to get in the way. But sometimes you’ve got to have a bag. Maybe you’ve just come from work or school and you didn’t have time to drop it. Maybe it’s going to be a long festival day, so you need some essentials. If you’re in a pinch and you need to know what bag to take to a standing concert, we’ve got your five best options, in order from worst to best choice.

5 best options for what bag to take to a standing concert

5. Duffel Bag

what bag to take to a standing concert duffel bag

This is number five because it’s really large. Think about how long security will have to look through it before you’re allowed to even go into the show. The weight of whatever it is you’re holding throughout the show will be unbearable. The only reason you should be bringing a bag this big is that you’re leaving directly from the show on a long weekend trip and you can’t leave it in the car for some reason.

Leave the duffel bag at home. It’s a terrible option for what bag to take to a standing concert, unless it’s entirely unavoidable. Maybe there’s a bag check?

4. Tote Bag

what bag to take to a standing concert tote bag

This isn’t a horrible decision for a standing show, but you have to think about two issues with it. First, it’s always open. Unfortunately, we live in a world where you have to be careful about people reaching in and taking what they want. And a concert is a crowded room. And second, It’s going to be pulling on one of your shoulders all night. Everyone knows that they have a preferred shoulder, and it’s going to hurt by the end of the night.

If you’re only carrying a few things, this might be a good option for what bag to take to a standing concert. But remember the pitfalls.

3. Fanny Pack

what bag to take to a standing concert fanny pack

I know what you’re saying. “Fanny packs are for squares.” But hear me out. If you only need enough room for a few things, this has got to be your go-to bag for a standing show. And the best part is the fact that they’re actually coming out with some pretty fashionable options for you to try out. The other plus is, you can spin it behind you and it’ll never be in your way. Fanny packs are the way to got at festivals and concerts for many.

Put it on and forget it.

2. Backpack

what bag to take to a standing concert backpack

This is most people’s number one option, but it’s got a few issues that we need to discuss. One, if you’re at an outdoor show, it’s probably hot, and backpacks are known to heat things up even more. Two, depending on the backpack, it might be bulky and bothersome to not only you all night long. And three, how many pockets do you really need? My favorite backpack has seven zippers. SEVEN. It’s too complicated for a simple night of good music.

The reason it’s ranked so high as an option should be apparent. Everything else about it is perfect. The build, the ease of carry, etc. But there’s a reason it’s not the top option.

1. Messenger Bag

what bag to take to a standing concert messenger bag

The number one bag is a messenger because it takes the best parts of everything above and puts it into one perfect compartment. It’s spacious like a duffel bag. Simple like a tote. Easy to throw behind you like a fanny pack. And the strap goes across your whole body to be comfy like a backpack.

This is the bag you’re looking for.

Bonus: Cargo Shorts

what bag to take to a standing concert cargo shorts

Cargo shorts! For some reason, I keep hearing that they’re out of fashion, but if you need a bag, there’s no easier “bag” than cargo shorts. There are so many pockets for all of your standing show goodies. Don’t let others judge you. A concert is a safe space for all.

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