On March 1st, 2017 NOW Toronto reported that seven music venues had already closed since the beginning of the year. So the question on many Toronto music fans has to be, “How do we turn it around?”

Revitalizing Toronto's music scene includes nice cityscapesFirst step? Go to shows.

From their poll of 1000 people, it seems that 25% of them go to less than one show a month. That’s a problem if they’re music lovers who aren’t supporting… music. Venues that don’t make money don’t stay open.

Second step? Go to shows.

Another interesting fact was that 98% of them don’t care when the show is, as long as it’s before midnight. Which, in all reality, shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

Final step? Go to shows.

Revitalizing Toronto's music scene includes a map!Lastly, 50% of the people surveyed said that as long as the show was within city limits, they were interested in going. Revitalizing the Toronto music scene is especially important when it’s IN Toronto.

There are a lot of talks right now about keeping the venues open later, opening them early, moving them, and changing laws. But at the end of the day revitalizing the music scene should be all about going to more shows and getting friends to do the same.

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TLDR: 1,000 people in Toronto were surveyed on NOW Toronto and 98% don’t care when the show is, 50% don’t care where (as long as it’s in the city), and 25% go to less than 1 show a month. To revitalize the music scene, go see more live music.

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