attending music festivals

It’s time to finally understand why your friend from college can’t seem to resist jet-setting off to every festival ever. While you might have an inkling, or suspicion, that it’s to make their Instagram look legit, music psychologist Noah Little has news for you: the desire to rave is built in to human nature.

The psychology behind attending music festivals

Humans crave novelty

attending music festivalsDo you count down for big events you’re excited about? Try and switch up your routine? Pick out new restaurants for dinner? Novelty includes new experiences, and this helps humans feel gratification after periods of anticipation. They always say something’s worth the wait… which definitely applies to music festivals!

Humans search for escape

There’s a well known psychology theory called Iso-Ahola motivation theory which “suggests individuals are driven by the desire to escape their everyday environment.” Can you think of a better way to escape your everyday routine than entering a music festival? Festival themes stretch far and wide, ranging from medieval to futuristic space alien.

The escape humans search for allows for relaxation from everyday woes and difficulties. It’s also why humans enjoy all types of entertainment, such as movies or books.

Humans need socialization

attending music festivals

Humans are naturally social creatures. We create communities and have a tendency to avoid isolation. Music festivals provide several scientifically backed methods of socialization. Dancing, meeting new people, and belonging to a group are all ways we interact at music festivals that help sate your desire for socialization.

Music festivals create an opportunity to widen the breadth of your music loving community and meet new people, combining novelty and socialization into one.

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