A Different Version of the Same Thing

The typical 9 to 5. The grind… It takes a lot of focus and diligence to be productive for an entire day. Regardless of your job duties, variety can sometimes be hard to come by. At most jobs, every day is, at best, a different version of the same thing.

It’s important to sprinkle in as much variety as possible to keep your brain working at full strength. Diversion is not always ideal, but it helps work out your brain and keeps it on its toes.

Increased work productivity is only one of the many benefits that music serves to modern society. It helps our minds and brains stay strong, and work is where our brains need to be strongest.

Here are five reasons as to why music can fuel your work productivity:

1. Mood Generation

We have all done our own research for this one. Music effects moods. No question about it. With a certain genre of music comes a certain mood. Music to get pumped up, music to walk down the street, and music to work.

There is a caveat: don’t listen to sad/upsetting music at work (unless your job calls for it, I guess). If you listen to something upbeat, or something that gives you a bit of an adrenaline rush, you’re bound to be more productive with your time.

2. Stress Relief

Part of controlling your mood is the ability to relax. There is nothing more stressful than work, so maybe your “Work” playlist could have a stress relief chunk of songs at the beginning. We can all get caught up in our own thoughts and emotions sometimes, and that effects our work.

Music has an unbelievable ability to soothe and take us away from our thoughts. Music can be a form of meditation, and a lot of us don’t have the time to meditate, especially while at work.

3. Unlock Your Mind

With stress relief and energy comes creativity. Listening to music at work allows us to open up more to those around us, open up to ideas, and relax our brains. It’s much easier to be creative and come up with sound ideas with a relaxed brain.

After all, your brain is just a muscle, and music exercises those muscles. When those muscles aren’t working hard, they’re resting.

4. Minimize Distractions

Maybe you work in a crowded office. Maybe there are salesman next to you making pitch after pitch over the phone.

Sometimes the best thing for productivity is to escape. Escape in your work, with your own music, and create your own atmosphere of productivity. Music is noise, but in life, it’s often about having the right type of noise.

5. Improve Your Memory

Lastly, a bit of science. It’s been shown that music (typically classical) can improve memory and cognitive skills. Why not attempt your own case study?

At the very least, music can absolutely relieve stress and put you in a better mood, which is cause enough to protect your memory and cognitive skills, let alone make you more productive.

In the end, what’s the worst thing that happens? You listen to some great music? Regardless, music is a great tool for everyone’s brain for almost any situation, work not excluded. Productivity stems from a healthy brain, and music is medicine that comes in many forms.

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