local's perspectiveI already know what you’re thinking. [Insert your hometown city here] is so much better than Philadelphia. “It’s not even close,” you would say. We’re not here to argue that Philly is, or isn’t, better than any other city. We’re simply positing that Philadelphia is a unique creature in the world of metropolises and should be respected accordingly.

Having grown up in central New Jersey directly between New York and Philadelphia, I have spent equal time in both cities. NYC is obviously one of the most culturally important cities in the country and its societal impacts cannot be underestimated. However, there is just something about Philadelphia that makes it stand out from other major cities.

Well, what is that something? Who better to ask then the people who know the city best.

  • Jenna V. (3 Months) “So, I’ve only been living in Philly for a few months, but I’ve known that this is the place I wanted to call home for a while. It sounds lame, but the friendliness is really the biggest thing for me. It’s crazy how kind and helpful 99% of the people here have been towards me. They take pride in their knowledge of the city and want make sure that you make the most out of your time here. It’s awesome.”
  • Cara E. (8 Years) “Philadelphia doesn’t apologize and doesn’t try. It is uniquely itself for all the right reasons. There are so many facets of the city that are often overlooked, but as the spot where the founding fathers gave structure to this great nation, it is important to remember the city’s rich history and embrace its unique culture. Full of graffiti, mosaic gardens, orchestras and rock bands, cheesesteaks, Michelin star restaurants, cobblestone streets and cluttered sidewalks, and an unfiltered group of people who ask you to “trust the process.” Philadelphia deserves its hallmark as the birth city of our country.”
  • Carl H. (14 Years) “When I go to other major cities, I feel like all of the different subsections have sharp edges. What I mean by that is each different part feels completely separate from the surrounding area. Our city is so neat to me because all of the different neighborhoods have this flow, and they all kind of mesh together in a way. Obviously each area has its own unique personality, but when it comes down to it all they’re all distinctly still Philly. I don’t know dude it makes more sense in my head. *laughs*
  • Jamal B. (2 Years) “That’s tough man, because for me, it’s this constantly changing feeling. I haven’t even been here for that long, but I feel like the city welcomed me with open arms. I think it really comes down to how Philadelphia has this way of feeling way smaller than it really is. It almost feels like living in the ‘burbs, but there’s way more shit to do.”  
  • Austin K. (24 Years) “When you look at the combination of what Philadelphia offers, few other cities can compare. Bustling local economy? Check. More historic spots than most other cities combined? Check. Something different to do every single night of the week? Check. And Rocky, how can you forgot about Rocky!”

local's perspectiveWhen you take all of these responses in conjunction, it paints a picture of the city very much in line with my own personal experiences there. Philly is the true embodiment of the “neighborhood city” concept. Whereas other, larger cities may feel cold and intimidating, Philadelphia always feels embracing. It’s often difficult to put such an intangible sensation into words. So if you’re ever in the area, we encourage you to go out and experience it for yourself.

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