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With Pride Month well on its way, celebration of love and acceptance is sweeping the nation. Can you think of a better way to celebrate than by listening to some of today’s best and brightest LGBTQ artists? The best part is that you can also enjoy and support all of these artists music all year round as well, not just during Pride Month.

Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe lgbtq artistsWhile her recent music video “Make Me Feel” was hailed as an iconic step forward in representing bisexuality in pop music, her newest audio-visual project Dirty Computer is an unabashed exploration of what it means to identify as a black queer woman. Her Rolling Stone interview delves deep into her past, present, and hopes for her future.

Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley Kiyoko lgbtq artists

Hayley Kiyoko has never shied away from supporting the LGTBQ community, with many of her lyrics aimed at sharing her stories and struggles to give others music they can relate to. In her 2017 interview with us, she reminded everyone “It’s vital to fight for equality on all levels, and I try to showcase that through my art.”

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean lgbtq artistsChannel Orange, Frank Ocean’s debut album in 2012, marked an inflection point in his musical career and personal life by including a track in which he recounted his unrequited love for another man. One of his most recent albums, Blonde, has been hailed as the album to “redefine pop queerness.”

Giolì & Assia

Giolì & Assia lgbtq artistsGiolì & Assia are the Italian couple taking the electro-indie pop by storm. Originally two solo artists, they joined forces romantically and musically to create the unstoppable duo behind the album ISTANTANEE.

The Spook School

The Spook School lgbtq artistsThe Spook School is a British indie band that specializes in feel-good tunes with lyrics that explore gender and sexuality. The band isn’t afraid of being known as “the trans band” but instead embrace the name as it “makes it easier for other trans and queer folks to find our music. We’re not only our identities, but we are proud of them.”

Michael Bloom

Michael Bloom lgbtq artistsMichael Bloom is an indie artist who not only blends the sounds of hip-hop and electronica, but also his lyricism explores the themes of identity, self-expression, queerness, and social justice. He’s become an outspoken voice for LGBTQ artists, including his statement to Billboard earlier this year: “Queer folks are engaging in radical acts every day when we love, when we demand rights, when we present ourselves the way we want to, when we speak out against hate, and when we make art that tells our stories.”

Lauren Sanderson

Lauren Sanderson lgbtq artistsLauren Sanderson presents a unique voice through her rapping. The Indiana native hit the R&B Top 100 charts last year. Although her lyricism doesn’t necessarily pinpoint its focus on her sexuality, her music does often focus on her lesbian relationship’s trials and tribulations.

Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon lgbtq artistsYou may know Honey Dijon for her absurd dance floor mixes, but she also works to create safe spaces for non-binary identifying individuals in music. Her trailblazer interview discussing the world of being a trans woman of color is worth the read.

Lauren Flax

Lauren Flax lgbtq artistsNew York City-based Lauren Flax thrives in the world of DJs and is outspoken about the need for equality. In her Posture interview, she discusses the difficulties of coming to terms with her sexuality, and about gender inequality in the current music scene. “We simply need to be booked more, sought after more, heard more [as women]. I am surrounded by unbelievably talented female producers and DJs, so I am in my own bubble. There is no shortage of us to take up space on these lineups. We deserve to be booked.”

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