Recently, Seattle opened its long-anticipated park honoring guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. The park is full of Easter eggs that relate to Hendrix’s life and accomplishment, including a guitar neck shaped walkway, lyrics etched into the sidewalks, and plaques detailing moments in his story.

That got me thinking, what other artists could we honor with parks, and what would they be like?

Bruce Springsteen

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 05: Bruce Springsteen performing live at Wembley Stadium on June 4, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Brian Rasic/WireImage)

Location: Asbury Park, NJ

Biggest Feature: A stage you can power slide down on your knees and at the end, there’s a camera that will capture a photo of your crotch crashing into it. A great souvenir photo. Probably won’t be seen by over 100 million people though.



Location: Wherever Bono’s most recent project has been

Biggest Feature: When you enter the park, birdseed is immediately stuffed into your pocket so you can enjoy feeding the birds. Doesn’t matter if you wanted it or not, it’s just there. And for some reason, it’s sticky and hard to get rid of.

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

Location: Far away from Taylor Swift

Biggest Feature: A giant statue of that moment of him and Taylor Swift on a giant inflatable pool swan, and the caption “Never Again” as a constant reminder to him of the high-pressure fame he spent the entirety of Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 trying to run away from and forget.

The Chainsmokers

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 24: DJ's Alex Pall (L) and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers attend the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival Night 2 at T-Mobile Arena on September 24, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Location: A party you don’t want to be at

Biggest Feature: How inexplicably crowded and popular it always is.

The Eagles

After fourteen years, the 70's rock group "The Eagles" have reunited for a sold out reunion tour, which begins May 27 in Irvine, California. From left top are: Joe Walsh, Timothy B. Schmidt and Don Felder. Bottom left: Don Henley and Glenn Frey - RTXFCR7

Location: Winslow, AZ

Biggest Feature: A great corner for standing on and seeing the fine sights. Oh wait, it already exists.

Biggest Issue: You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.

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