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If your knowledge of the Houston music scene seems to begin and end with Beyoncé, it might be time to educate yourself. Houston is a hotbed for all genres of music, ranging from hip-hop to grunge. If you think the diverse music scene requires giant labels, you’d be wrong. There are plenty of Houston record labels to cover all the bases and keep it Texan, through and through.

Get to know 3 Houston record labels

Chamilitary Entertainment

Chamilitary Entertainment houston record labels

Chamilitary Entertainment might sound familiar to some because of the wildly popular rapper named Chamillionaire. This is one of the foremost independent Houston record labels, was founded by said rapper in 2004, and was associated with Universal Music Group until 2011 when it broke away on its own. The label features rappers and hip-hop artists alike, including Lil Ken and Rasaq.

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L.O.U.D. (Live Out Ur Dreams) Muzik

L.O.U.D. (Live Out Ur Dreams) Muzik houston record labels

L.O.U.D. Muzik, or Live Out Ur Dreams, is a full force record label company, offering artist management and marketing as well. L.O.U.D. is a “pop, rock, AC, hip-hop, R&B, dance, techno, and house record label” and will eventually have a non-profit foundation that will support music in inner city school systems. Artists signed to this Houston record label include Tim Ned and Khody Blake.

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Presidential Records

Presidential Records houston record labelsPresidential Records is a hip-hop focused label that has featured a range of artists and releases starting in the 2000s. Artists include G.I.N., Z-Ro, Lil Keke, and Hawk.

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